Reproducible Quantitative Methods

Instructor Guide, Lesson 11

Project workshop time

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Topics and Resources

  1. Supported work period

    Push forward on your project! Start making journal quality figures, tables. Once you’ve done the analysis and generated the figures, print them all out on paper, and have the students workshop writing figure captions, and then arranging figures and tables into a story arc that they want the manuscript to take. Having the figures in front of you on paper is really helpful for this.

    Start writing sections of the paper, and having the students edit each other's work as they go along.


  1. Project workshop time
  2. As described in topics section.

  3. Writing review
  4. As described in topics section.


No discussion this week

No discussion this week- use this time to really build momentum on the project ahead of the last few weeks of classes. Leave this week with all students having a good idea what their contribution is to the manuscript, and what work there is left to do.

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