Reproducible Quantitative Methods

Instructor Guide, Lesson 12

Project workshop time / Scientific collaboration

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Topics and Resources

  1. Supported work period

    Continue working on the project with students. Suggestions for tasks include preparing figures, captioning figures, wrapping up analyses, writing interpretations of your statistics.


    A helpful hint from those that came before

    Choose your own adventure You will probably generate more figures than you’ll want for the final paper. A good way to decide which ones to use is print them all out, then work with the students to arrange them in an order that makes sense- so your manuscript tells a story about how you approached the data, and discard the redundant ones, or relegate them to a supplemental information file. Having the tactile-ness of printed figures encourages students to experiment with a few different ways to order the story.


  1. Revisit the list of github issues in project repo for tasks needing completion
  2. Make this a comprehensive list- everything from writing the abstract to inserting the references. Assign specific students to tasks. Assess progress towards your goals.


Check up on the collaborative process

An informal discussion that doubles as a chance to flesh out where the project is going. Ask your students: How is the collaborative process working? Do we need to make adjustments to get the project done? Use your students answers to these questions to help populate/adjust the github issue list.

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