Reproducible Quantitative Methods

Instructor Guide, Lesson 13

Project workshop time / Participatory models for bigger science

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Topics and Resources

  1. Supported work period

    Continue working on the project with students.


  1. Project workshop time
  2. Use github issues to guide which tasks need completion. Adjust assignment list if needed- provide students an opportunity to voice issues they’re struggling with, because their classmates may volunteer to help.


Participatory models for bigger science

With increased connectivity, we have the opportunity to bring our work to audiences that have never been engaged in science before. This is a good opportunity for students to explore the differences in participatory models between fields, and discuss what engagement means in different fields. We provide a more extreme example, with participatory biomedical research- how do we engage people in our work when the direct ties to their well-being are more tenuous?


Expanding citizen science models to enhance open innovation


Placeholder- Long video of Jason Bobe giving full lecture on participatory medicine in first offering of this class.


How can we use participatory models for research in our field?

How would citizen science engagement differ between fields?

What can we do to motivate people to participate in science?

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